Life is tough. You need Jesus. This blog will point you to Him. For hope when you feel hopeless. For help when you feel helpless. For love when you feel loveless.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022


There is certainly no shortage of things to be afraid of in our world today. The pandemic brought that home to many in no small way. The news is also filled with stories of death and trouble every day. People are afraid to answer their front door, to go out at night, to even be around other people. 

But don't be so afraid of dying that you're afraid of living! 

We have a Saviour who took care of death for us. When Jesus rose from the dead, He defeated death for all who trust in Him. When your life is in His hands, you no longer have to fear death because death is no longer the end, but now the gate to eternal life. So whether we die from a virus, in an accident, a disease, or just plain old age, as Christians we know we are safe and secure in the hands of Jesus. And so we can live now, knowing that we will also live forever.